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We are the first high altitude forest rehabilitation project in Costa Rica


We are the first reforestation project and rehabilitation of highland forests in Costa Rica. We want to return the highland forests of this country to their natural state, since these are the ones that provide water and life to all of us. Without the highland forests we would not have drinking water  because these are what help keep the water in the aquifers.

We want to recover the forests, not only reduce our footprint

We plant with the purpose of rehabilitating the forests

What is the forest rehabilitation process?

It is an integral process which is divided into 2 stages:

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Step 1

Fast-growing trees and shrubs are prepared and planted.

bosque completo.png

Step 2

Slow-growing trees are prepared and planted.

This is a process that lasts at least 3 years, Fundación Bosque Vivo is committed to taking charge of all the steps when starting with the sowings. This process is divided in this way to encourage competition and natural growth of tree and shrub species.


Certificados de participación

A todas las personas o empresas que nos apoyen, ya sea en siembras o con donaciones, les ofrecemos la opción de pedir un certificado de participación. Estos certificados se pueden utilizar para los procesos de Bandera Azul Ecológica, Carbono Neutralidad, entre otros...

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