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Investigation and development

As part of the development of high altitude greenhouses and the lack of practical knowledge about them, it is necessary to experiment and find the best ways to be successful in the processes of germination and seedling development.


Given the diversity of natural substrates in a forest, it is necessary to investigate the chemical, organic, microbiological content, substrate acidity and humidity, in order to be able to emulate them successfully in the greenhouse.


The following relevant aspects must be taken into account in the germination process: substrate, daylight hours, light intensity, relative humidity in the environment, germination time and optimal moment for transplanting into the bag.


Early development

The development is the period that goes from germination until they are ready to leave the nursery, it can be a period between 2-4 months. 


Outside the nursery, either under artificial shade or under the sun, depending on the seedling variety, it is the time that allows the tree to be ready for transplanting in its final location (rehabilitation zone). It is important to record the actual development times of the trees.



One aspect to be successful in planting trees is the preparation of the place where they are going to be located. For this, it is necessary to know the chemical, organic, microbiological conditions, levels of acidity and humidity of the soil to compensate it either with mountain microorganisms, organic fertilizers or amendments (caldolomite).

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