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Help reduce your carbon footprint and rehabilitate highland forests by making a donation to Fundación Bosque Vivo. With the money we collect from donations, we plant and care for the trees and bushes that we later use to rehabilitate the highland forests of Costa Rica.

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Reduce your carbon footprint with just one click!

Helping the environment has never been so easy. With Fundación Bosque Vivo you can donate a fixed amount monthly or make a single donation and you will be directly helping to reduce your carbon footprint and rehabilitate forests in Costa Rica.

All donations to the Bosque Vivo Foundation are directed to forest rehabilitation programs, environmental education, and research and development.

Make your donation

Live in the USA and want to make a donation?

Donate through the Amigos of Costa Rica webpage and your donation could be eligible for tax reduction!

You can choose between 9 different types of payment, whichever works best for you.

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Other ways to donate:


IBAN: CR90015112320020058975

SINPE Mobile: +(506) 8908 2808


SWIFT code: BNCRCRSJ.200021230058972

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Join the change and help us rehabilitate the high altitude forests of Costa Rica. You can help us in the sowing, care or in the germination areas.


Become a volunteer

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