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At Fundación Bosque Vivo we believe that environmental education is key to reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmental education

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The Aula Bosque or Forest Classroom is a learning methology in which the participant will be able to create knowledge through sensory activities. Its aim is to create empathy towards the enviornment.

Aula Bosque has several stations along a route through the forest in which the participant gradually immerses him or herself in the reality of the forest; discovering and learning about it through activities that exalt the senses and that generate moments of wonder that promote self discovery and knowledge development.


Aula Bosque

The methodology Aula Bosque or Forest Classroom will be available for children soon. The idea is to generate that special bond with nature that is not learned in a common classroom.

We faithfully believe in falling in love with nature to generate a real change in people's mentality.

Taller participativo Bosque Vivo

Educational workshops and conferences

Soon we will be offering workshops and conferences for schools and colleges, this with the purpose of promoting environmental education in the educational area of the country.

Workshops and business conferences

Soon we will be offering workshops and conferences for companies that are interested in learning more about the environment and how to reduce their carbon footprint.

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