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Our bases

Our foundation is built on strong foundations that keep us always heading in the right direction.



Rehabilitate and conserve the forests of Costa Rica through strategic alliances, forest rehabilitation programs through a network of nurseries throughout the country, generation of knowledge through research and development, always using education and training as the pillars for change.


become a model organizationto follow on issues of environmental education, rehabilitation, conservation, research and care of tropical forests.


Our identity

We are the result of what we believe and think

1. Passion is the ingredient that articulates the entire system. It is what allows us to live intensely what we do, it is what gives meaning to our lives.


2. Commitment turns ideas and dreams into reality, into concrete actions, is to go beyond what is expected.


3. Respectit is what allows everything to flow through people regardless of ethnicity or gender, their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, customs or beliefs. It is respect for nature at all levels (caring, protecting, conserving...), it is what allows harmony inside and outside the organization.


4. For our organization, teamwork is the main tool to achieve success. Therefore, the ability to work as a team is essential for our collaborators.


5. Each of our collaborators must feel that their contribution to nature is an act of gratitude. By rehabilitating forests, we give back to the planet part of what we have taken from it and we thank it for all that it continually gives us. 


6. As a foundation (NGO) we receive many types of support, making us responsible for its best use. For this reason, we consider that they should be administered under the total transparency in all fields (financial, human, knowledge...), it is our obligation and responsibility.


7. We are a window through which our donors can inherit a legacy to future generations, a better world to live in each time we plant a tree.  It is a gift that transcends our own lives


8. We believe that high altitude forests are vital for human survival by capturing and fixing water to the soil, in addition, forests create space to escape from the stressful world and fill the soul, so we help create wellness.


9. Everything related to nature requires the necessary time for it to happen. we will be patients, because many of the results will be seen in the long term and we, under no circumstances, will do things that alter the natural processes to achieve shorter-term results.


10. We are part of a relationship network, each one necessary for everything to flow and sustainable results to be achieved. Relations with the community, local and central governments, organizations, institutions, the private sector, friendly governments, people, educational and professional centers... without them, we will not be able to achieve our objectives, since it is a shared responsibility among the different actors in society. and we are the gear that articulates everything.


11. We believe in Investigation and development as sources of knowledge and experience creation.


12. We believe that changes begin with the education and involvement of the communities.

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